Speak powerfully through your images.

The right visuals help tell your story for you.

Most of us are aware of visuals that have blown us away.  Whether it’s a photograph, a movie scene, or a short video advertisement. Memorable images, even if they are of words or graphs tell your audience in the most powerful way what you are trying to communicate.  Images that don’t make sense with what you are saying, or that bore the audience can instantly discredit you.  We can help make sure that your visuals support your presentation and wow your audience.

Types of visuals:

1: Full screen images: photos, illustrations, logos, quotes, words

2: Partial screen images: with a border or design that keeps slides in a consistent design format that works well also if you have a conference with multiple speakers. These include graphs, bullet points, or smaller images.

3: Multiple images:  To show comparison or like images.  Use these types of slides with animations so that there is a feeling of space, movement and lightness.

Steps we will guide you through.

Step 1: Understand your audience.

The most important step for every part of your presentation

Step 2: Determine your story.

What story can you create around your topic that will resonate with your audience?

Step 3: Select images, graphs, logos, etc. to show that story.

Do my images relate to what I’m saying at that moment? Do they grab my audience’s attention?

Step 4: Add animations and tweak the graphics.

Adding movement and transitions create a dynamic and professional presentation.

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