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Hi, I’m Paul. I’m here to save you from giving another “fine” presentation.

Saving good people from bad presentations.

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The first level of any presentation is creating the story. What are you trying to say? How can you say it in the most engaging way? We will help you come up with an inspired way to structure and share your information to your audience.

Powerful Visuals

A picture says a thousand words, right? In a presentation, one powerful image can create a message that a screen full of words never could. We will help you find or create the images or elements that tell your story in a dynamic way.

Public Speaking

The final step is getting up in front of your audience and sharing your presentation. Whether it's in a small group, a large keynote, or even a Zoom presentation, we can guide you through truly being with your audience as you take them on your journey.

Storytelling is the first step in creating a powerful presentation

The story needs to get through to your audience. Whether it’s company sales or your life story, we will help you create a presentation that relates to your audience and becomes memorable and impactful.

Take your audience on a journey. What is the big idea around your topic? How can this be an engaging story? What type of adventure are you about to take your audience on? We will help you determine how to frame your presentation in a compatible theme.

We will work with you to create a structure that brings your story to life. Using story arcs or developing a unique structure, we can create a system that shares your information in a complete and powerful way.

Wow your audience with impactful visuals

Whether your presentation is full of graphics or full of graphs, I’ll show you how to make your visuals stand out and help tell your story.

Being one with your audience is the magic ingredient for a great presentation.

Your audience is made up of people.
Relate to your audience simply as fellow humans.
Being able to be with people is the most important part of public speaking, and usually also the most difficult.

I am trained in Relational Presence and can work with you or your team on how to be confident in yourself in front of others.

As a speaker trainer, I can not only help you or your team to become more comfortable speaking in front of a group, but I can give you tips and techniques to polish your presentation because it always counts.

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