Giving a Great presentation Gets you the results you want.

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Are you an executive in your company?  C-suite level professionals have different needs when it comes to presenting.  You are a leader in your business and in your field and you need to communicate effectively and impactfully to your audience, whether they are shareholders or employees.  How you present yourself and your business is critical. With this in mind, I create bespoke packages that can include:

  • Working with your marketing and graphics team to build slides for sharing strategies, financial reporting, or new concepts, that will wow your audiences.
  • Helping you develop impactful public speaking skills for keynotes or shareholder press conferences.
  • Coaching you on communicating with people, whether one-on-one or in front of thousands. I use techniques based on relational presence so you can become more effective communicators and build stronger, more meaningful connections with others.


Entrepreneurs are a different kind of C-suite.  Not only are you a founder, CEO, CFO, and possibly many other roles in your business, but the big ideas are yours. You own them and want to be able to express them in the most effective and impactful way possible.  You want to share YOUR story and the story of your brand.  With this in mind, I create bespoke packages that can include:

  • Working with you and your team to build slides that share your product, your story, or your pitch that will wow your audience!
  • Helping you and/or your team to develop impactful public speaking skills to share your product, service or story to others whether B2B or B2C.
  • Working with you individually on a single or on-going project. Perhaps you have an important presentation in front of a VC or you need to have the sales presentation updated on a quarterly basis, I can assist with all aspects.
  • Coaching you one-on-one on your communication, whether the day to day or a special keynote using techniques based on relational presence that allow you to build stronger, more meaningful connections.
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Are you giving a key note or individual presentation to a small or large group? I will help you by:
  • Working with you one-on-one to develop your presentation from start to finish on a specific project like a keynote, sales or organizational presentation.
  • Personally coaching you on skills to help you speak confidently in front of any audience with public speaking training and relational presence methods.


Do you have a team that needs more cohesion when presenting the business?  Do members of your team need support in feeling comfortable speaking in front of others? I can support your team with: 
  • Improving your team’s overall presentation skills through storytelling, creating strong visuals, and speaking in front of groups
  • Helping your team define the way they present the organization internally and externally, so that each can speak as an individual, but with a consistent message in mind.
  • Utilizing relational presence group workshops to help team members find confidence and work together to send a strong brand message. 
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